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We've worked with Estelle on jobs with super tight deadlines and each time she comes up with the goods. She has a great understanding of client requirements and how they translate into graphics and moving image - which makes my life easy 🙂

Nat Wilson, FletcherWilson


Estelle is a highly proficient motion graphics designer with a proven ability to turn an art director's idea into a compelling animation or motion graphics experience. I've worked with Estelle on a number of occasions and have always been impressed by her diligence and commitment to achieving the best result. A highly skilled individual I'd recommend Estelle for any motion graphics opportunities.

Andy Richards, Living Group


Estelle is an excellent designer and animator. Apart from being hugely talented, she also put up with our endless changes with calm good humour - which is a rare and valuable asset...

Gus Colquhoun, Kinetic Consulting


Estelle... quite simply is a creative force in motion design, able to produce brilliant results from the most complex of briefs. Estelle's ability to connect with clients and colleagues made her a joy to work with... calm, considered and above all, a lovely person to work with. Highly recommended.

Graeme Kendrew, Radley Yeldar


Estelle is a unique talent, possessing a high level of hands on skill as a 2D animator as well as the ability to step back and act as the creative design / animation lead for a larger team. She has a sensitive and intuitive eye for brand and design in general which combined with her broad understanding of communications and marketing challenges made her a very useful member of any creative / production team assembled at RY. More than anything though her calm and assured presence always made a difference in pitches / client / project meetings, she really is a joy to work with.

Dean Beswick, Gorilla Gorilla


Estelle has that wonderful combination of talent (shed loads of it), inventiveness (bucket loads), the skill to decipher a tricky brief (gallons of it) and the ability to deliver breathtaking work to seemingly impossible deadlines - Oh ...and by the way ...all that comes wrapped up in a really lovely personality too. Put simply - she's awesome - USE HER! - but not so much so the rest of us can't!

Hiti Panahy, Freelance Filmmaker


Estelle is that rare mixture of creative, intelligent, and just a lovely person to work with. I've seen Estelle tackle projects which at first appeared to have no creative solution, no budget or no time and she's always thrown herself in fully-focussed and come up with fantastic ideas quickly. I love her creative eye and she's always searching for whats 'out there' in the world of illustration and animation, always developing and trying new ideas. 

I'm trying to write something low key because if i go on and ON about how brilliant Estelle is people might not believe she was possible - or worse i'd never be able to work with her again! So yeah, she's OK.. :-))

Gaby Szabo, Moving Image Producer


Estelle is calm, confident and creative and on the moving image projects we collaborated on she always delivered beautiful pieces of motion-graphics that exhibited finesse and possessed impact. Easy to work with and always open to new ideas, she'll bring her own views and expertise to provide an invaluable resource to anyone seeking a moving image expert.

Phil Dobinson, Freelance Design Director


Having worked with Estelle on a wide range of projects I have always been in awe of her ability to turn her hand to whatever style best suits the brief and come up with something that looks great in spite of seemingly impossible time frames. She's an extremely talented, versatile and inspiring motion graphics design director. She is also highly professional and a real pleasure to work with.

Duncan Raitt, Plastic Milk


Estelle is supremely talented, focussed, and a total pleasure to work with. She has is relaxed, dependable and hugely likeable, and brings a truly artistic, confident and creative approach to every job. Superb.

Adam Rowley, Adam Rowley Creative


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