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Client: Lewis Silkin

Agency: Living Group

Nothing makes me happier then helping a leading creative agency bring their designs to life. When Living Group commissioned me to create the flagship video for the homepage of Lewis Silkin, a London based commercial law firm, this was no exception.

Living had already redesigned Lewis Silkin’s brand, creating a colourful new identity based around a series of beautiful kaleidoscopic illustrations, each depicting different areas of their business. I had been involved in this process, creating a video toolkit to accompany the new identity.

This meant I already had a good idea how its component parts could come together as an animation and set about creating a tunnel like effect that allowed us to move through each kaleidoscope before finishing on their logo. I worked closely with Living’s creative director to hone each and every key frame and this resulted in a seamless and mesmerising animation.

Living Group later received awards for this innovative and eye-catching rebrand.

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Lewis Silkin (0-00-01-02)
Lewis Silkin (0-00-18-17)
Lewis Silkin (0-00-32-04)


 Client: Lewis Silkin

Agency: Living Group

Creative direction and design: Living Group

Animation: Estelle Baylis Design

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