So, this is a little long overdue. At the beginning of the year I set myself a deadline that by the end of August I'd have a shiny new website up and running. Did it happen? No. Not that I'm not complaining. The reason it's taken so long is that work has kept me truly busy since the summer. Sadly not an awful lot I can share due to client confidentiality but I've had the pleasure of working on a few big brand films and a social media campaign. All enough to keep me out of mischief.

However, during pockets of downtime, I've been learning Semplice (the WordPress plugin I used to build this site). It's been a slow process and there were definitely a few times where I regretted not commissioning a professional web designer and almost almost certainly too many expletives along the way. However, after the aches and pains of a steep learning curve, it's finally done and although might not be perfect or even exactly what I set out to do, it's more functional than my last site and has a few new additions such as this blog and a page for storyboards.

I need to say thanks to Chris at Didgeroo, a digital studio based in Shoreditch, for recommending Semplice and getting me started! If anyone is looking for an agency to build an innovative and beautiful WordPress site, give them a call! They're really very good!

And lastly, if you've received this email, it's because at some point I've asked to add you to my freelancer email list. As that all seems a bit old hat now, I'd like to instead send you updates of my work. However, if you no longer wish to receive these updates, please do hit the unsubscribe option.


p/s I also have a shiny new email address: