Event film

Created at Radley Yeldar

We were commissioned by an accountancy firm to create their annual AGM event film along with several corporate report films based on the several areas of their business. After some exploration and a eureka moment from our Director, the core idea for the AGM film and online site was centred around murmurations; a perfect fit for the company’s rallying call to it’s employees to all work together with the same sense of direction and purpose.

Our next challenge was working to an extremely wide format screen and with varying qualities of moving image and photography. With no budget to shoot 4k to fit the widescreen, we knew we wouldn’t be able to film our own murmuration, so using existing graphic assets from the company, we were able to utilise these as housing devices for our murmurations as well as all other imagery. We also created our own graphic representation for added impact.

My role was to create and oversee the overall look and feel of all films, as well as head up the animation on the AGM film.

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